Boards and Beams started in 2010 as a way to use local trees for usable lumber instead of cutting them up for firewood.

What started out as a hobby (and a good way to blow off some steam from my day-to-day IT work) grew steadily over the years, once people knew where to find us, and heard what we could do for them.

Most customers bring their own logs, and we mill them to whatever size is required (and kiln-dry them if required). We also have various logs and kiln-dried rough-cut lumber available.

It has been interesting to see what projects our customers make with the lumber they get (see gallery).

On our portable band saw we can process logs up to 20' long, with a diameter of up to 31 inches.

For the logs that cannot be cut with the band saw we have a dedicated slabber that can handle up to 78" in width, and up to 20' in length.